Creative intelligence in

the human-centric
digital agency

A team of digital advertising seniors that use creative intelligence to unravel brands' digital potential

Our experience in digital advertising strengthens the idea that brand performance comes from creative discipline. This is why we put meaningfulness at the heart of our creative intelligence.

Why work with us

Brands are at the threshold of a new consumer paradigm. And only those who understand the emotion economy will survive.

In over 10 years of experience in communication fields, we have learned that empathy-driven campaigns can make a brand become top of mind for its consumers. By acting smart and applying creative intelligence, we can together declutter the communication landscape and help communicate your brands’ purpose.


Times change. So do digital agencies.

Our digital agency has a value-driven DNA which gathers experts in the digital advertising field, that work on demand. The people of New Moon address each communication solution while having in mind the bigger picture: your brand’s performance, its history, narrative and the overall business context.

Each brand is unique and deserves a different approach in its communication strategy. So before anything, we try to understand you and your business, and we undertake active efforts for coming up with tailored solutions for your communication needs.

Our unique manner of seing creativity as a science and a discipline helps deploy carefully-chosen concepts and ideas that our network can produce and implement at outstanding industry standards. On short, we make sure your project gets done, while providing you and your marketing department peace of mind and top-notch end-products.


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Digital Creative & Strategy director